A girl reading a ghost story by candlelight.


Richard's London Ghost Walk is suitable for children and we welcome kids onto the tour.

Richard will always clear a gap when the group stops at the haunted locations that the tour visits and ensure that smaller children are always at the front so that they can see and hear everything.

In addition, Richard will always gauge whether a child is of a sensitive disposition and will warn the parents when there is going to be a hair raising "jump" moment on the tour if he thinks it might be a little too much, or a little too scary, for a particular child.

It should be said that most of the children who have joined Richard's tour positively love the bits where he makes them jump, and sometimes Richard even goes one better and makes their parents jump!


However, its perhaps best left to the experts - the children themselves - to answer the question, is it suitable for children?

Dear Richard

Thank you for putting up with us on the amusing ghost walk on. We are very grateful for your tour.

You made us jump out of our skin when you shouted half way through your ghost stories! Most of the girls screamed and the boys jumped, then acted like they didn't care, like usual!

We thank you for your wonderful tour and all of your interesting, spooky ghost stories. That night would never have been as great with any other guide, we had so much fun, even though our legs were very achy afterwards, but never mind!

Maria, (Aged 11) St Mary's School, Prestwich.

Dear Richard

Thank you for telling me all about the 'Ghosts of London.' I enjoyed it and found it very amusing.

I especially liked the bit where you chose me as a volunteer and pretended to see my mind waves.

I loved all of your stories they were quite interesting and very funny.

You spooked me out!

Your Ghost Walk was the best because you had a laugh and raised your voice to make it sound real. You had every one's attention. Especially mine! And the scene where you told us the Ghost stories was just the thing! It felt as though we went back in time.

I am so thankful that we could have a Ghost Walk this year.

Thanks again.

Antonia (Age 10) St Mary's School.

Dear Richard

Than you for taking us on the ghost walk. We enjoyed all of your stories very much, you made the night really fun and you were really funny as well.

I especially liked the mind reading trick you did, I thought it was really clever. I told some of my friends the trick and all of them liked it as well.

I thought the walk was really fun because you didn't make the stories too scary so we couldn't sleep, you just made it as fun as you could.

We also went to Wembley Stadium but it wasn't as good as the ghost walk because you made it really exciting.

You also gave us the opportunity to see the old leaky Cauldron and some of the streets from Harry Potter.

You made everyone jump and made us all laugh and we enjoyed all your stories very much. I wish we could go back to London and listen to more of your stories.

Thank you for giving us a really fun night.

Chelsey (age 11) St Mary's School.

Dear Richard

I'm just writing to say thanks a trillion for taking us on that really cool ghost walk it was hilarious! It made me laugh out loud.

It was so weird that we saw the real Diagon Alley, and the original Leaky Cauldron! I'm not saying it wasn't scary but I'm having second thoughts that ghosts are real; hmmm I must contemplate this phenomenon.

Something that does trouble me is the man who had his teeth stolen. I think it was the tooth fairy who stole them!"

Well all in all me and my class had lots of fun and I hope you had as much fun as us.

William (age 11) St Mary's School.


So Richard's Ghost Walk is child friendly, although it is not specifically aimed at children. As you can see from the above letters from children who have done the tour there are a few surprises and shocks on the tour, so if your child is of a nervous disposition, please be sure to let Richard know at the start of the tour and he can ensure that they are spared the jumps!


The London Ghost Walk does, however, include a walk of around 1 3/4 hours and, although this is done at a gentle pace with plenty of stops, and there are places to sit down in the course of the tour, it can be tiresome for tiny legs, especially if they've been walking all day, so please do keep this in mind when booking onto the tour with children.


Richard is very sensitive to the reactions of children in the group. He understands that some children like to be frightened whilst others don't. So he will always ensure that those of a sensitive disposition are not near him when he does what he calls his "jump" moments


Children are more than welcome to join Richard's London Ghost Walk. The majority of them really do enjoy it and think it's great when he makes them jump or appears to read their minds. Richard will always make the effort to ensure that children are at the front of the group so that they can see everything that is being pointed out.

The only downside for children is that some of them can find the fact that it a walking tour a little demanding, especially if they've been walking all over London all day.

But that said, it is a great way to see the City and, as can be seen from the children's comments above, children really do enjoy Richard's London Ghost Tour.