Twilight creeps its wearisome way through the passageways, thoroughfares and eerie ruins of one of the City's most timeless and historic quarters. Its icy chill sends shivers racing down the spines of those it encounters. Its gnarled fingers scratch gently against the window panes of the old houses and older churches of the area. As the darkness intensifies and the city's daytime populace retires to suburbia, a legion of lost souls stirs restlessly, and the City of the dead awakes.


A Haunted Horrors Guide Richard Jones.haunting night of chilling mystery awaits you on the Hidden Horrors Ghost Walk that explores the ghosts, ghouls and graveyards of the old City of London.

Your host for the night is Richard Jones, London's leading ghost walk guide, an acclaimed author who has written 20 books on the paranormal and who is internationally recognised as London's inimitable spectre inspector.

Suitably attired in his frock coat and winged collar, Richard is the perfect host to lead you on a marrow chilling journey that twists its way through the backstreets, hidden passageways and ancient ruins of one of the city's oldest quarters, where horrors aplenty skulk in the silent shadows.

"...Our tour guide, Richard Jones, who possesses a superbly oratory and expressive voice, guided us from place to place in the local area, providing plenty of elegantly stuffy central London architecture- - and odd nooks and crannies.

All in all, I felt we stopped at a good number of locations and it was fun to walk about a piece of the city at night, hearing odd bits of history and ghostly lore...the guide put in neat bits of acting, stuttering or pausing to flinch as his delivery was distracted by unseen flickers in the background, throwing cautious glances, askance, and making all of us jump with perfectly timed volume changes in his storytelling..."

Annabel's Student Blog, Imperial College, London.


The Hidden Horrors Ghost Walk takes place against the backdrop of an area that has nigh on 2,000 years of history crackling away within its ancient fabric.

  • It is an area where a 16th century gatehouse stands cheek by jowl with a magnificent Norman church.
  • It is where a cherubic fat boy looks down on the spot where the Great Fire burnt itself out in 1666.
  • It is the area where the Romans built sturdy walls to protect their settlement of Londinium and formed a boundary that still exists today.
  • Much later, magnificent medieval monasteries flourished here.
  • London's grimmest prison stood here and the capital's citizens came here in their thousands to watch the public executions outside its walls.


With Richard Jones as your host, you are in the company of a man who is internationally recognised as London's premier ghost walk guide.

Richard is the author of 20 books on the paranormal and his classic Walking Haunted London has won international critical acclaim.

When you join Richard for a ghost walk you are not joining a guide whose read a few ghostly tales in a book, you are locating the source, the guide who wrote the book. The man who knows how to deliver a ghost story in such a way that keeps his audience gripped, fascinated and on edge throughout the evening.


  • The eerie burial ground where the chilling spectre of the "She Wolf" carries out her eternal penance.
  • One of the most paranormally active buildings in the City of London, that you will be able to come back to and visit after the tour.
  • The ancient church tower from the heights of which a melancholic noble leapt to his death in 1600 and set in motion a chain of events that sparked off a dreadful family curse.
  • The site of the house where London's most famous, and hilariously named, ghost put in an appearance in the 18th century.
  • The execution ground where William Wallace - Braveheart himself - was hanged, drawn and quartered.
  • The City's oldest hospital where a haunted elevator has terrified many a nurse in the early hours of the morning.
  • The place where an horrendous discovery in May 2009 brought the memory of a long ago tragedy to light.


The pièce de résistance of the evening, is a stroll amongst the Roman ruins that date back 2,000 years. These relics often draw gasps of wonder from participants on the tour as they really are truly atmospheric. And given that these Roman remnants are also extremely haunted - indeed several people on the tour have discovered a ghostly figure on photographs they have taken of these ruins - they make the perfect surroundings in which to end your journey through the hidden horrors of haunted London.