Victorian news paper boys.


Richard Jones has been operating Jack the Ripper tours since 1982 and he is one of the longest established and best known Jack the Ripper guides in London.

His tours and his documentaries on the subject have received favourable reviews from newspapers the world over.

Here are a few examples.

S.P. Ryder posting on the Jack the Ripper forum on his superb Casebook.org site said of Richard's documentary "Unmasking Jack the Ripper"

"I'm not a big fan of Ripper documentaries, admittedly, but I have to say that Richard's is certainly one of the best - if not the best - I've ever seen. None of the same old tired clichés you get in the run-of-the-mill docs I'm sure we're all familiar with. I'd recommend it."

A contributor to Ripper Notes one of the leading journals on Ripper studies had this to say about Richard's knowledge of the case and presentation skills.


I just wanted to congratulate you on a DVD that way exceeded my expectations. You are an exceptional writer and orator. You obviously went all out on this DVD... I understand you have a book coming out on the Ripper case. I cannot wait to read it. No doubt it will be one of the most well-written ever on the case. If I can free up some time, I'll be writing a review of your DVD for Ripper Notes. Expect some serious praise.

I thought you were very well-balanced on your handling of the case. While you clearly prefer Kosminski (or someone like him) you didn't force that view down the audience's throats.

I could go on, but I'll stop here. You've made a real achievement here and I'm looking forward to more output from you. "

The Evening Standard, London's premier evening newspaper advised its readers that:-

"Walking Tours of London are now a crowded market, but Richard Jones keeps ahead of the pack with impeccable research, and having honed his performance in more than 5,000 guided tours..."

The Independent, a leading British daily newspaper opined:-

"... This is among the most reliable of the many London Walks. Richard Jones is a committed story teller...who shares his enthusiasm with fellow hunters in the dimly lit alleyways, graveyards and hidden courtyards of the City ..."

The Sunday Times Magazine had this to say:-

"... this is an eerie, historical site.. and, without a single prop, Richard Jones succeeds in conjuring more potent memories out of the area than from a neighbourhood full of palaces ..."

Anna Pukas writing in the Daily Express observed that:-

"...The joy of walking about with an enthusiast such as Richard Jones is the discovery of a place you thought you knew; not re-discovery, but truly seeing it for the first time..."

The Orange County Register called Richard Jones

"...a delightfully animated guide, [who] takes his captivated audience past some parts of London it's a sure bet they would never see otherwise.."

Martin Fido, co-author of the Ripperologists bible, The Jack the Ripper A - Z , even went so far as to write that:-Richard Jones is able to present:-

"...a detailed and perfect account of the more historical complex theories... I doubt whether any other guide in London ...could have done this. The tours that Richard Jones leads are excellent..."

The Mandatory Travelogue told readers:-

"....if you have an interest in history, or just love good fun, this is the tour for you...two hours of excellent storytelling, where even the strongest and stoutest laugh nervously..."

Henry P. Gravelle, writing in the Fort Providence Watch, hailed Richard as:-

"... London's best tour guide [who] provides enthusiasts with a thrilling journey..."

Of Course the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating, and in this business you're only as good as your last walk.

So perhaps the final word on our tours should go to our clients who have actually taken our walks and have written to us expressing their gratitude.

These are excerpts from legitimate tour participants who have enjoyed our Jack the Ripper and Ghost Walks.

".. the object of this letter is to thank you for a really marvellous night... the guide Mr Richard Jones was par excellence. His knowledge, humour and personality made history a fascinating experience and I'm sure all the participants that night would agree that Mr Jones is a gem..." TOUR PARTICIPANT

"... I have been coming to England for many years and have done almost all the Original London Walks. In all honesty you are truly the "BEST" ..."